Christmas Orders

 For US orders, your designs are guaranteed to arrive on or before December 24th if your horse hair and payment are delivered to us by December 1st. I cannot guarantee deliveries on any specific date other than this. Horse hair delivered to us on or after December 2nd will be processed and crafted into keepsakes after our Christmas break. (These will have an estimated 6-10 week production time.) We will be out of office from December 22nd to January 2nd. 

I apologize, but we do not offer ANY rush order options during the Christmas season.

Emails are sent to confirm that payment was received, confirm that horse hair was delivered, and confirm that keepsakes are being packaged for shipment. Tracking number is included in the final email.  Please understand that we have 200 or more orders in progress at all times during November and December. I cannot provide specific updates on orders or specific dates when your order will be shipped.  Please refer to the paragraph above to determine if your order will arrive before Christmas.

Free Consultation

If you are interested in owning a forever keepsake of your beloved horse, but don't know for sure what to order, this is a great place to start! Please feel free to text 724-300-3020. This will direct you to Aimee, the owner of Equine Keepsakes.  She is the artisan who will design your horse hair keepsake. Equine Keepsakes is located in the USA, nestled quietly into the beautiful landscape of Pennsylvania.  However, whether you live near or far, she will provide you with a completely customized shopping experience to meet your needs -- from initial consultation to product delivery.  

Order Progress / Updates

Complete mailing instructions can be accessed at any time by visiting the "mailing instructions" tab, which can also be seen by visiting .  These are also listed in the description of every listing. You will receive email confirmation after your horse hair is delivered to me as well as an additional email that contains tracking when your order ships. If you select that you may be interested in ordering additional keepsakes and there is extra hair available to do so, your order will be shipped along with a card explaining that left over hair is available.  The hair will be held until you place an additional order or request that the horse hair be returned to you.

Additional Inquiries

If you have already placed an order and have additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Aimee, the owner of Equine Keepsakes.  She is the artisan who will be designing your horse hair keepsake. 

For fastest response, please email or text 724-300-3020 with your inquiry. Phone consultations are not generally available as it is preferred to have a written log of communication to ensure no details are missed on your order.