On several occasions I have been asked if I can infuse feathers into jewelry.  Finally I can say that it is absolutely a possibility!  If a design is available for feather infusion, it will now offer a drop down for "I will send in a feather". (This is available as of 4/14/20.) 

    Please keep in mind that the amount of designs available from one feather will vary greatly based on feather size.  For instance, nearly a dozen keepsakes were created from only a portion of a single wild turkey feather.  However, a smaller parakeet will have much smaller feathers. The samples shown here are the only samples I have at this time, as this is relatively new for me.

 Sterling Silver chunky Ring, sizes 5-9, $60 8

3 4 10 13 19

Please keep in mind that my specialty is horse hair keepsakes.  With that said, all sample photos on the main pages are shown with horse hair, not feathers.  However, a list is being compiled of the designs that can be created with feathers. 

Check back in the coming days for full availability!