• Chunky Encased Ring Style Sterling Silver Sizes 5-10

    Please specify the name of the horse(s) or pet(s) to be featured in this design. This will not be on your keepsake, but will be listed on the Certificate of Authenticity.


    This 'chunky' ring base is designed in sterling silver.  It is only available in sizes 5-10 at this time.

    ***Sample photos show a size 9 in sterling silver with standard 10mm round inlay for the hair and a dark turquoise background.

     You may choose any color to be added to the background of the inlay sections. First photo shows no background, the rest show dark turquoise background. This is not required.  If you do not choose to add-on a background color the sterling silver will show through from behind the hair. For this design I recommend a bundle of hair half the diameter of a pencil, at least 2" long.

    Ring size (U.S.): full sizes from 5 to 10
    Metal type: Sterling silver 
    Fabrication Method: Cast 
    Band/shank width: 5.0.mm 
    Wall Height: 1.4mm 
    Horse hair segment shape: Round 
    Country of origin: United States

    When created with horse hair, tail hair produces a design with larger, thick strands visible and a simple yet bold look.  Mane hair creates a design with thinner strands showing, providing a softer finished look. (Tail hair shown here.) Hair from other animals can be used. I have created encased designs with hair from giraffes, hamsters, cattle, dogs, and cats. I cannot guarantee the exact pattern that your hair will be placed.  If a thick section of horse hair is sent, well wrapped in a smooth, straight bundle,  I will attempt to create it in the manner shown in the example photos.

    This style requires a 1/4" bundle approximately 3" long to complete the finished look in a manner shown above. Please keep in mind that this bundle was tightly wrapped and contained thick, straight tail hair strands from a horse.

    I am unable to engrave this ring band as my engravings are done by hand and the band is too thick to fit into my base. I apologize for the inconvenience.


    Don't forget to list a size! This can be easily determined by any jeweler. The size you list will be the actual size that you will receive.  **Please ensure that you are confident in your size as I cannot resize these rings and do not return custom ring orders for wrong sizes. Your jeweler will need to know the band width and wall height shown above.

    Warranty Information:
    All items designed by Equine Keepsakes are covered under a warranty.  I will repair damaged hardware, replace lost charms, etc.  Repairs are free.  Replacement of lost charms or hardware may be subjected to a small fee.

    What to expect if you order: 

    Each product listing contains an estimate of how much hair will be needed for the design you have chosen.  You can select to send in horse hair or, if you prefer, you may select to have your keepsakes created with my horse hair in your choice color(s). If you send in your own horse hair,  any unused hair will be returned with your finished order. 

    After completing your order please mail your horse hair to:

    Equine Keepsakes

    P.O. Box 912

    Monongahela, PA 15063

    ***Please note that you will be invoiced for a $25 fee if your horse hair arrives to me before your order is placed as this causes confusion and delays in the order process.

    You do not need to wash the hair before mailing. I will do that once it arrives. I ask that you avoid braiding it if possible. If it is already braided please do not worry, I can still work with it! The only thing you need to do it contain the cut end of the hair so that it stays together during transit. (A rubber band is preferred over anything else, if possible.) If the hair is too short to band I simply ask that you place it in a zipper sealed baggy inside the bubble mailer.

    Please mail in a bubble mailer with tracking via USPS (United States Postal Service). The tracking will allow you to verify when the package arrives. Additionally, please ensure that the name listed at checkout is the name listed on the return address section of the package, as this will ensure that I know the horse hair is yours upon arrival.

    (Please do NOT ship wet horse hair as it will mildew in transit and likely be permanently ruined.)

    My current estimated production times can be seen on my "FAQ" page. Rush orders are available if needed, more information on those rates can be seen as you progress through checkout. Once your order is finished you will receive an email  containing tracking for your order.  All orders are shipped with tracking via USPS. Orders over $250 will require a signature upon delivery.