Warranty Repair


Congratulations on your custom horse hair jewelry purchase! I hope you love your newly crafted designs! 

If any issues arise, please contact me right away.  Your keepsakes are covered by a 90-day limited warranty valid from the date of delivery to your home. If you have a problem with your keepsake  please visit http://equinekeepsakes.com/products/warranty-repair to complete checkout for the free warranty repair. You will be required to select your shipping option and pay for shipping on the repair if you have had your item for more than 30 days.  Any other repair cost is included, assuming you have all of the original parts from your keepsake and can return them to me.  

If your warranty has expired, I will still certainly assist you, although you may incur a small fee in addition to the shipping.

It is not recommended to regularly soak your braided horse hair jewelry as this can weaken the sealant, mildew the braid, or even tarnish the hardware.

If your keepsakes are braided and they get wet please allow them to dry in a natural manner.  Bracelets should be closed. Flat items should lay flat.  If your braid snags and a hair strand is broken please use nail clippers to carefully snip the broken hair close to the braid.

Metal may tarnish. This is a natural occurrence due to exposure to sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the air. To avoid tarnish please store in a jewelry box or pouch.  If possible jewelry should not come in contact with harsh chemicals. (Stainless steel and sterling silver designs can be cleaned with a polishing cloth if they tarnish, but once silver plated hardware tarnishes this is permanent and unfortunately nothing can be done to restore it's original color.)

When completing checkout please ensure that the shipping address you enter is correct.

Once you have completed checkout please mail your damaged keepsake to:

Equine Keepsakes
PO Box 912
Monongahela, PA 15063

Please ensure that the name entered at checkout is listed in the return address section.  It is highly recommended that you package the item in a bubble mailer to reduce the possibility of it being lost in transit to me.  (Tracking / Delivery Confirmation is also highly recommended.) 

Please do not hesitate to contact me at info@equinekeepsakes.com for any questions or concerns.

So, what are examples of things covered under the warranty?

  • Failed or Broken Clasps
  • Broken ear wires on earrings
  • End caps that have pulled off or otherwise separated from the braid
  • Broken or damaged Split Rings

What are some examples of things not covered under warranty?

  • Horse hair issues such as snagging, breaking, etc.
  • Alloy (silver plated) discoloring, tarnishing, or fading
  • Smashed, shattered, or otherwise abused  keepsakes